On the 20th March, the UK Government announced a series of wide-ranging measures to assist businesses and employees through the COVID-19 crisis, including a Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Non-essential businesses were forced to close their doors resulting in a period of massive uncertainty. It seems like this has been going on for a lifetime now but as lockdown measures start to ease we are slowly but surely seeing life returning, step by step, to what is going to be a ‘new normality’.


We will have all seen on the news the queues to get into the reopening retail stores and many of us have possibly sat in our cars for 2 hours to get our favourite fast food from the golden arches! So as other businesses begin to follow suit and consider what contingency plans to put in place in order to keep their workforce safe I would like to offer a few ideas on how we at Paramount Group can effectively help you achieve that.


Thermal Temperature Checking Cameras


We at Paramount Group absolutely love these cameras, supported by the fact we are using one ourselves. As featured on BBC News and The One Show we have already supplied these cameras to a number of our Clients, including Unilever, with a hugely positive feedback due to their simplicity, efficiency and cost effectiveness. They are being utilised worldwide in numerous airports, other travel hubs, many workplaces and anywhere requiring monitoring in numbers.


These cameras pick up and display in real time the temperatures of up to 30 people at a time entering your business at normal walking pace. Any individual with an elevated temperature will trigger an audible warning that enables the opportunity for further in-house review. Clearly this is a much more efficient way of doing things rather than manually using a hand held device to measure every staff member coming through. Obviously people may be asymptomatic but for an individual who isn’t this is a great way to identify and protect them and, in turn, others. Our Clients have also reported a really positive feedback from the staff themselves.


Access Control Thermal Checking Cameras


We can also replace your current access control units with temperature checking facial recognition devices. If someone is above the temperature threshold then the door will not open! This device needs to be in a stable environment so could not be used if the panel is outside of the building.


Hands Free Entry/Egress Systems


We also have hands free entry/egress systems, which will enable you to open a door without having to push a button which is a major source of transmission.


People Counting Cameras


As you have seen there have been limits on how many people can be in a store at any one time. We have seen the need for a staff member counting us in and out, which is probably not the best use of time and money. Our technology does this for you. You set the limit on how many people you want inside your premises at one time and the monitor will show the customer if they are able to enter or not. These cameras are absolutely perfect for any retail environment.


If you would like any more information or would just like some friendly advice then please give me a call on 07494957905 or email me at mn@paramount-group.co.uk