When it comes to protecting our homes and businesses, we use a number of different security precautions such as intruder alarms and CCTV cameras. We put these measures in place to protect our valuable possessions and to give us peace of mind when we are sleeping at night. One thing to note is that the average CCTV camera will only show a black and white image in dimly lit environments…. Until now.


Hikvision is one of the most recognisable brands in the security industry and has been leading the way when it comes to imaging for years. The new Hikvision ColorVu technology enables cameras to produce an extremely colourful video even in very dimly lit environments.


So why would you want your security cameras to show a video in colour at night or in dark environments? The answer is simple. In a standard CCTV camera, the device will use infrared lighting for night monitoring. The drawback to this is that when looking at the footage, people, vehicles and other objects will appear blurry. This will make it extremely difficult to identify features such as a face or a number plate on a vehicle. This makes it even harder for the police once you hand your footage over.


With the Hikvision ColorVu Cameras the extremely powerful technology incorporates advanced lenses, high performance sensors coupled with supplemental light for extremely dark environments. With this camera it will guarantee a video with extremely colourful details meaning it will help you identify the culprit when you need it the most.


The key benefits of using colour video are as follows;


  • True Colour Information – They have excellent colour rendering and have excellent performance in low lighting environments.
  • More Details – Give coloured captured information and extremely rich details.
  • Better Visual Experience – Offer balanced brightness and have a F1.0 super aperture and advanced sensor which guarantees realistic rendering.


Below are a few application scenarios where I believe the cameras would be perfect.


Residential Areas – Residential buildings, family homes and apartments would be a great place to situate these cameras. These types of places often have low light areas such as walkways, stairwells and other outdoor areas. The cameras would be perfect for surveillance where incidents and accidents will occur. This will give the tenants and visitors peace of mind, reduce risk and improve safety.


Small Businesses – The user can monitor entrances and exits and also dimly lit areas both internal and external. The ColorVu cameras will help protect your building, your employees and your assets. With the increased detail you can be confident that your surveillance is doing the job that it is designed to do as you sleep.


Parking Lots – The ColorVu Camera would be a great addition for the security of any parking lots to help make the place more secure. With these areas often being very poorly lit the camera will provide great detail and will allow you to see a person’s clothing or a car colour when you are looking at footage after an incident. The natural light from the camera will not interfere with a driver’s vision unlike some of the extremely bright and harsh lights. The fact that there is no need for any extra lights to capture high quality image means it is more environmentally friendly and will also reduce electricity costs.


Parks and Recreation Areas – Placing the ColorVu Cameras in parks and recreation areas to illuminate any areas with limited lighting can be hugely beneficial. Areas where there could be accidents or incidents such as walkways, children’s play areas and entrances to toilets would be something to consider. Having better evening and night-time lighting will help keep members of the community feeling a lot safer and more comfortable to go there in the dark.


Below I have inserted some links to videos so you can see the cameras in action;



If you would like any more information on the Hikvision ColorVu Cameras or would just like some friendly advice then please give me a call on 07494957905 or email me at mn@paramount-group.co.uk