Paxton Access Control System – Make Your Workplace More COVID Secure


The past seven months or so has been a massive shock to how a business normally operates. As COVID started to spread and affect us all, offices started shutting, people were furloughed from their jobs and working from home became the new normal. Our living room, bedroom or if you are lucky enough ‘home office’ has become the new workplace for many of us. It’s been a long slog, but we are now seeing many people wanting to get back into the office and return to their normal routine. Surely everyone has missed the office banter!


In this short blog I’m going to run through how you can make your workplace more COVID secure if you install a Paxton Net2 Access Control System. If you don’t have one of these systems in place, then it may be something you feel would be hugely beneficial to your business if you are planning to transition your staff back into the workplace. If you do have this system, then the following information may give you some ideas how to use it more fully.


Contactless Entry & Exit


The government refers to moving away from ‘touch based’ security devices in their guidelines as it will help to minimise the spread of germs. There are a number of Net2 solutions for this.


Hands Free E-Gress – Instead of your normal exit button, you can replace the device with a touch free exit device. This product detects your hand when waved in front of it and will unlock the door from a safe distance, and will eliminate the need to touch a button that everyone in the building has been using.


Long Range Access – This is a device that works particularly well in car parks and premises with electric gates. The device would recognise your pass within your car and would open the barrier/gate automatically negating the need for you having to leave your car to exit.


Paxton Connect App – This free to use app will allow you to control your access control system from your phone, even if you are at home. You can open doors remotely for your staff which again will minimise contact and the spread of germs.


Flexible Access Permissions


The flexible access permissions that Paxton’s Net2 offers will allow you to meet the government’s social distancing guidelines. It allows you to control and limit footfall through your building to prevent overcrowding. There are a number of ways the software can do this.


Remote Building Management – The Net2 software is extremely simple and user friendly and you can make changes to your occupancy limits remotely.


One Way Travel Systems – The government has specifically stated in its guidelines that one-way systems should be put in place to stop the spread of germs. In implementing the Net2 one-way traffic system it will stop your employees and visitors crossing paths.


Separate Different Groups of People – Unlike normal lock and key devices you can easily change the access restrictions to only allow certain people into certain areas of a building. Not only this but you can shut down areas of a building for cleaning to take place.


Control Access at Different Time of the Day – With Net2 you could allow set times for people to enter or exit the building. You can deny access to certain points of a building at a certain time. This could be beneficial if staggering lunch times and times when people start work to prevent the crossover of staff.


Occupancy Management


Control and Monitor Access to Limit Numbers – With Net2 you can restrict the number of people that you want to allow into an area at one time. All you have to do is look at the size of the room and set what you think is a safe number of people in order to comply with the government social distancing guidelines. Following on from this, if the area is at capacity then the door will not open. You can then operate a one in one out system so if somebody leaves a full capacity room then another member of staff can come in.


Email/Text Alert – You can set the system to send you a notification for when an area is near capacity. You can then monitor this space in real time to avoid overcrowding.


Live Reporting – Net2 – This allows for real time live reporting so you can see who is where at any time. This is great for seeing which areas are free for meeting rooms or if you want to go to a quiet room where there is an area free. This reporting is easily viewed on a smart phone, laptop or tablet. It would even be great to have on a large screen so it can easily be seen by everyone.


Thermal Scanning


Thermal scanning is a huge thing at the moment and I’m sure everyone has been temperature checked at some point over the last 6 months. Net2 integrates with thermal scanners and if someone has a high temperature, they will be denied access to an area or building. This means you can ensure the health and wellbeing of your employees and visitors and identify people who are at risk quickly.



I hope this blog gives you an idea of how you can combine the Paxton Net2 Access Control system with COVID secure measures. If you don’t have a system in place or you are looking to upgrade your current system, then this could be something to take into account.


If you would like to find out more about this then please contact or give us a call on 01918159998.