If you have installed, or are about to install, a Fire, Intruder or CCTV system in your business it is absolutely essential that you additionally take out a maintenance contract on the system to protect your investment and ensure ongoing operational effectiveness.


Having a maintenance contract and regular servicing on your fire and security systems is extremely important as it will ensure that the system is working for when you need it the most and let’s be honest, these are in cases of emergency for your business!


Like all electronic equipment, your systems will have faults that occur over time up until the point that they stop working altogether. It is extremely important to identify these issues before you have an emergency and end up learning the hard way! The provider who you‘ve taken the contract out with should be able to identify these issues and repair them, if possible, on the same day. If the system has not been serviced properly and the problem has escalated beyond a same day fix then this will leave your business unprotected and vulnerable. Regular professional service and maintenance will help you avoid situations like this. We would always recommend that you get your systems checked at least once a year as there is nothing more important than protecting your home, business premises and, above all, the ongoing welfare of your workforce.

Here at Paramount Group our engineers are trained to the highest level across all different systems such as Fire Systems, Intruder Systems, CCTV, Door Access Control and Emergency Lighting no matter who the manufacturer is. This means Paramount Group is the one stop shop for all of your safety and security needs. The training we give ensures that our engineers are fully up to date on all of the latest technologies incorporated into modern systems. We are NSI and BAFE accredited which is an essential requirement of your fire and security provider.



Fire Safety Systems


Having your fire safety system maintained and serviced regularly is critically important. A fire system is a life safety system and if this fails then it could potentially be fatal for both individuals and infrastructure! Having them checked will also help stop issues such as false alarms which can be time consuming and also costly for a business. As important, it helps ease the burden on the emergency services so that they can respond to genuine emergencies only. In addition, the vast majority of insurance companies will insist that your systems are serviced on an annual basis and if this is not done could make your insurance void if the worst did happen. So, the identification of faults will help ensure that the systems do not fail and will prevent any downtime.



Intruder and CCTV Systems


Having your intruder system regularly maintained and serviced is extremely important. Identifying faults early on is essential. If this has not done and you have a break in then you may not be covered by your insurance provider. Issues could be very small such as a battery being dead, a loose connection or degraded contacts that would have been identified on a routine maintenance check. Possibly the alarm could trip and cause an activation which is a huge inconvenience to all of those involved. In terms of CCTV, you may have had an incident where you, or the police, have needed to view the footage but when you have checked the system it either wasn’t working, out of focus, or wasn’t recording the critical areas required. You do not want to find out these shortcomings when it is too late!


Upgrading Your Systems


Something you may want to think about is upgrading your current systems. This may include allowing for offsite monitoring meaning an outside company will monitor your building 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is a small cost increase from your standard maintenance and would take minimal set up. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about off site monitoring.


If you would like to talk about your current maintenance contract then please email me on mn@paramount-group.co.uk or call me on 07494957905


Max Nunney

Maintenance Sales Executive