Following the recent government guidelines of lockdown, we are currently working with new and existing clients to implement additional security measures on their properties during this difficult time.

The majority of our clients have basic to full security coverage on their buildings already however we are finding in some cases this isn’t sufficient as people have not prepared for this global epidemic & buildings are being left unmanned and unprotected.

The buildings are more at risk than they have ever been as thieves seem to be finding what is going on in the world as a prime opportunity to commit crime as 1)The focus has shifted from the criminal to the current pandemic 2) They now have more targets as buildings are being left unmanned with all of the company’s assets left in situe. This is giving thieves more time to plan their attack & obviously gives them the opportunity to break in.

From speaking to a number of smaller businesses this last week, they are being instructed by their insurance company to upgrade their security measures, this could mean any of the following;

  • Adjusting the set up of your current Fire and Security Systems so that they are monitored off-site.
  • Installing Temporary Security externally on a low cost weekly rental basis.
  • Frequent patrols on the building covered by a security company like ourselves.

We would recommend all of our existing clients and anyone out there with vacant properties to check with their insurance company whether their existing coverage is sufficient and ask them to confirm that they still have full cover.

Insurance companies like to know of any changes in circumstances, the obvious one with our current situation is we have lack of presence on our sites which make our buildings more vulnerable.

Understandably, Police resources are diverted with everything going on currently which is why we are highly recommending people to check that they are covered. As a Fire and Security company we are here to offer free and impartial advice as what we would believe would be required as a minimum.

Fire and Security Systems are primarily to protect lives however, at times like these the main priority is to protect your property and all of your assets.

Things to think about –

  • Upgrading your current Fire and Security Systems to have off-site monitoring. This is a small cost increase to what you would normally pay for your annual maintenance and would include minimal setup.
  • Keyholding – Using a company to carry out regular patrols on your buildings.
  • Installing temporary security measures on a weekly rental basis (ask for more info)
  • Get in touch with myself for any free impartial advice

Steph –