We have been following the continually changing Coronavirus situation closely for some time.  This is an unprecedented time for everyone, and our hearts go out to everyone affected.

It remains unclear as to the short and long term effects of our current situation on businesses, the economy and individuals. Still, Paramount Group is treating the health and safety of its staff, clients and colleagues as a priority.

We have been working around the clock for the last few days to allow us to adapt to the situation. We aim to minimise risk for clients while remaining fully operational.

As a firm, we have a robust strategy to enable our team members to be able to work through this unsettling time. We are confident that we can continue to function with a high level of service if the government dictates that we work from home for a prolonged period.

Engineering works will continue without interruption and scheduled projects for now will remain in place

We have taken the following steps:

  • Employees have been working from home as a compulsory measure from Monday 16th March 2020.
  • Physical meetings with clients if absolutely necessary, and at the clients request.
  • Encourage clients and staff to host meetings via Zoom, email or telephone
  • Allow employees to take their full workstations home to give a suitable environment
  • All advisors have a work laptop with virtual terminal server access
  • Engineering staff are equipped with Sanitiser, Face Masks and protective clothing
  • Phone lines are still open, and will remain open as we use virtual phone lines. Please bear with us, as phone lines are only as good as the internet they’re connected too. Our office has superfast broadband, so we rarely see any interruptions, this may change given the remote working.

Where necessary, staff will quarantine with WHO guidance